Crocodylus’ single “My Love” is a strong summer track bursting with soul. The fast-paced, energized vocals of Stephen Sacco and Josh Williams paired with the electrifying beats of drummer Mikel Salvador perfectly capture the essence of garage surf rock.

Stray Owls' "Billing Luna"

Today, North Carolina-based alternative rockers — Stray Owls — dropped one side of their impending single on Youtube entitled "Billing Luna". The eerie track wrestles with the age old illusion of mortality, only to be silenced by an all too familiar sound.

Luna Honey

Ambient rock often finds itself lacking in emotional diversity, leaving many to believe that the genre is nothing more than a dumping ground for sad stories but Luna Honey delivers an album wrought with emotion, anger, disappointment, and self-loathing.


On a micro level we perceive time to be rather stagnant. A steady stream of occurrencesfrom heartbreak to deathnothing is too little or large for us to pass by. That is, until NGHTMRE & Pell came gliding down the street, sending a ripple through the cosmos and forever mutating the structure of the supposed binary illusion we're experiencing.


“Although the song’s melody comes off as a bit sorrowful, the lyrics give way to a happier message about turning towards the sun and soaking in the rays of love.”