Talena Bricker

Pacific Northwest native Talena Bricker has been writing songs for nearly 20 years, but only recently has she conquered her fear and been able to present her music publicly.

Uncle Wellington

Somewhere between funky pop and jazz—the poetic Uncle Wellington creates an acoustic soundscape in which dreams are mashed-up with melancholy folk and anchored by an urban beat.

Travis Knight

LA-based multi-instrumentalist Travis Knight's latest release is a set of americana folk tunes on living in solitary, the woes of urban life, and fireside owl omens.

Magnolia Bayou

Magnolia Bayou got their start on the local bar circuit at an open jam night in Ocean Springs. Since then, they’ve spent the last couple years paying their dues up and down the Mississippi Blues Trail.


Westward, the self-proclaimed founders of “Cowboy Space Rock”—is reminiscent of Muse, but meshed with operatic Freddie Mercury-esque vocals.

Sydney Robinson

A hopeless romantic, Sydney Robinson exposes herself through honest lyrics and folksy melodies paired with eerie harmonies—songs that reflect her childlike wonder and love for the wilderness.

Idan Altman

"Over and Out" is a poignant track off Altman's newly released album, Expiration Date—an acoustic instrumental jam that starts off bright and cheery but goes completely dark about 5 minutes in.