Bonfire Lakes

Can you say that the death of intimacy is as poignant as true, physical death? I’m not sure. However, Bonfire Lakes will bring you to your knees with that question as the gentle lyrics “Two Sisters” spins a sad tale of complex losses.


Songs From My Parent’s Basement is a masterful work of emotion and authenticity. The album possesses an abundance of raw emotion, which causes the collection to play like the inner-monologue of a broken man. Truth and sincerity drips from every verse as tales of loss and insecurity are sung.

Dear Life,

“Fear is a Dirty Aphrodisiac” is one of their newer, ambient-heavy tracks. The song, which greets your ears with atmospheric tones set by the lovely voice of Bishi Kaneta, is a dark journey for those searching for human connection.

TyC ft Curly Chuck

The jam features Cleveland's own Curly Chuck who is currently making waves in the underground scene. It's an electro driven anthem that infuses the record with a raw urban edge.

Aura Blaze

New Jersey psychedelic rock act Aura Blaze fronted by Rhode Rachel infuses the timeless vibrations of the 1960s while simultaneously tripping to the hallucinogenic atmosphere of modern psych-rock.

Annachristie Sapphire

“Cut The Line” is the first single off Annachristie Sapphire's upcoming LP “Desert Car”. The song is about finding love. Now, set yourself free by losing yourself in the beautiful melodies of Annachristie.