Come Here Floyd Shines the Spotlight on Lychnis' "I Love Ashes"

"Forever doubting, I implored you to embrace my relief seeking soul. The tired husk of human cells, relentless in causing harm – to itself, to the world it walked on. Sinking in the mist of intractable frivolity, brought the fingers up; then up to the high heavens in plain, crinkled up, paper sheets. White and pristine, no more – it relied on waters dropping, from that same heavenly pastures. ‘Curse you, to hell’ he murmured. Curse you, to all high heaven.’"

- Come Here Floyd

YabYum Showcases Polyan's "Ruby"

"This trippy single from Polyan (Polyan & the Johnson Sisters) came out on the band’s LP last Autumn but I feel the track has a summery sound that will definitely be enjoying some frequent replays on my seasonal playlists."

- YabYum

Rock The Pigeon's Band of The Day: Polyan and the Johnson Sisters

"‘Ruby’, the New Polyan & the Johnson Sisters Song, is a warbly track filled to the brim with originality. The lo-fi folk project is centered on experimental songwriter Jon DeCarlo. The song is notable for its use of synthesizers, samples and effects to create a convincing, encompassing sonic environment. There’s something very real about this project. ‘Ruby’ seems to be a true manifestation of the inner ideas of the involved artists. Expect to hear more from these guys soon!"

Rock the Pigeon

Give It a Spin features Electronic Warfare Squadron in September Favs 2017

"The Moon Landing was recorded in Texas...where Dave and Jesse took an experimental trip into the multidimensional world of sound by fusing the psychedelic [and] indie alt-rock. Running down 2 minutes through the track you will be fired up on some haunting lunar lighted performance. If the Giant Sand and Calexico were having some margaritas, then the EWS would be landing with tequila in hand."

- Give it a Spin