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Wholewheat’s album Songs From My Parent’s Basement is a masterful work of emotion and authenticity. The album possesses an abundance of raw emotion, which causes the collection to play like the inner-monologue of a broken man. Truth and sincerity drips from every verse as tales of loss and insecurity are sung. Cheery melodies compliment sorrowful lyrics well, and despite the upbeat nature of some of the tracks the dark feelings behind the words are evident.

When listening to this album you’ll find yourself swaying along to thoughts of suicide and rejection, something that might leave you feeling a little messed up inside. Listeners who identify heavily with the album might feel odd knowing that they, too, feel twisted, but instead of turning to isolation may those listeners take comfort in knowing that someone else out there feels the similar during times of turmoil; lost, confused and even a bit manic.

This album rocked me to my core.

by Alisa Pierce

Alisa is a writer, bookworm, and political news junkie. A self-professed nerd. She loves to travel and spend time in the great outdoors. Currently she's studying journalism at Texas State University. Tweet her @piercejournal

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