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Here is a new track from Jennifer depicting a post-apocalyptic fallout.

I love a song that starts off strong and stays fierce as the track continues. “Rabbit” keeps the energy high with booming guitar riffs, brilliantly timed blows of the harmonica and a tune that is reminiscent of an age that built rock as we know it.

However, while this track is triumphant in powerful instrumental work, it falls short in delivering a truly unique perspective on the alt-rock genre. The song struggles to find footing in a genre riddled with copycats and throwbacks, and despite its impressive sound I’m unsure if the track can stand on its own.

Jennifer has some way to go, but this is a pretty good start, and I can’t wait to give their future work a listen.

by Alisa Pierce

Alisa is a writer, bookworm, and political news junkie. A self-professed nerd. She loves to travel and spend time in the great outdoors. Currently she's studying journalism at Texas State University. Tweet her @piercejournal

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