Exclusive Premiere: Lonely Bologna by Polyan

Polyan & the Johnson Sisters re-released their debut LP ― Lonely Bologna ― on Santa Rosa Records March 26th, 2018.

The album is now available everywhere music is digitally available.

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  Lonely Bologna (2018)

Lonely Bologna (2018)

Polyan is the experimental lo-fi folk project of Jon DeCarlo, a harmonic genius out of Los Angeles, California. His latest album is nothing short of brilliant. No, it's a work of existential art ― a goddamn masterpiece.

And now, here is Lonely Bologna and other songs for Taryn.

"Folk music is great because it's crafted by the collective conscious, people add and change things as they interpret the music in whatever way they feel, and slowly a median product gets shaped and then this like seed that was planted generations before grows into this massive thing that the whole world had a part in making." - Jon DeCarlo

Lonely Bologna will be out on vinyl later this year!

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