Exclusive Premiere: Satan Is a Farmer by The Flaming Banshees

The Flaming Banshees released Satan is a Farmer on Santa Rosa Records February 4th, 2018. The album is available just about everywhere music is sold and/or streamed.

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  Iain Ross and Duncan McKnight

Iain Ross and Duncan McKnight

The Flaming Banshees are a pair of rock and rollers out of the US and the UK.

They recorded a very special set of songs some years back while they were living in Berlin. However, they never got around to properly releasing the record. So, there it sat...

That is, until I caught wind of it and reached out to the band. A few months later, we released their debut album on the label.

The Flaming Banshees are a timeless outfit radiating with honest energy. Vintage post-rockers re-imagining psychedelia in the digital age.

This is some very special music.

Mark my words, Satan Is a Farmer will go down in underground history as a monumental work of psychedelic art.

The record will be released on vinyl this Spring.

Satan Is a Farmer is now available on SpotifyiTunesAmazonGoogle Play, Youtube, and just about everywhere else music is digitally available. Follow the Flaming Banshees on Facebook.

"We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever." — Sagan