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Steevn Walker

Steevn Walker

Steevn Walker is a rambling musician who creates lofi ballads of worry and angst with a pinch of nostalgic beauty.

He recorded his latest album "fools gold" in a makeshift bedroom in Austin, Texas during a period of supposed political tension and personal hardship.

On my first listen through, I couldn't help but hear the spirit of Daniel Johnston shine through Steevn's recordings. From his guitar work to his vocals, it seemed Johnston had a grave affect on the art of Steevn's songs. But then, I heard Bob Dylan. And then, Leonard Cohen.

Who is Steevn Walker?

Is he a man? A vagrant? Perhaps a genius?

In the spirit of Daniel Johnston, Steevn trashed conventional individual tracks and instead released a lofi continuous tape-like recording of his tunes.

Honest lofi glory encapsulated in psychedelic love and heartfelt kindness.

And now, here's the whole damn thing you motherfuckers.

[listen and dig]

Download the album here.

"dreams of clear and distant lands seemed to make me sick" - Steevn Walker

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