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Welcome to Santa Rosa Records, we're a Texas-based independent label, publishing company, recording studio, and curator of obscure music from around the globe and across all genres. If you dig deep enough, you will discover music here that will alter the very fabric of your existence.

Lando Chill

Lando Chill, a transformative artist from Tuscon, Arizona, released The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind June 23rd, 2017—it's a personal tribute to self actualization, spiritual acceptance and social activism.

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 “The wind is one’s soul. It represents the human spirit and the earth.” — Lando Chill

Peace and love from Uruamba, Peru.

by Jesse Gilmore

Jesse is an experimental artist and the founder of Santa Rosa Records. Keep up with him on Instagram and check out his latest release on Spotify.

"We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever." — Sagan

Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves

Dirty Art Club

Dirty Art Club